Announcements: Bechukotai הודעות:בחוקותי

Mazal Tov to Ellie and Reuven Gelman on the birth of a new granddaughter, Shir Hallel, daughter of David and Yedida Gelman of Kiryat Moshe.

Mazal Tov to Chava and Aharon Cassel, once again crowned grandparents, and to Dalia and Nachum Agrest of Aderet, on the birth of their son.

Mazal Tov to Jay and Batya Levinson on the Bar Mitzva of their grandson Yosef Chaim, son of Efraim and Shoshana Dovid of Bnei Braq.

Shira Gellman and family are extremely grateful to all of the community for their tefillot on Shira’s behalf and for their help, concern and support.

Reminder about our new kid-friendly participatory minyan for mincha: The minyan, followed by a short learning program and pot-luck seudah shlishit in the park, will take place at 16:45. Children of all ages and their parents are welcome to attend.

Rav Kannai will give his shiur on Shabbat afternoon at 5:40 pm, one hour before ‘late’ mincha. The topic under discussion will be, as we approach the Shmitta year, ‘Defining the underlying principles of the mitzvah of Shmitta.’

We are pleased to present the Tikun Leil Shavuot Program early this year (subject to possible future minor modifications).

The program is a rich one with an excellent array speakers and interesting topics. We are pleased that Rav Ari Berman, by popular demand, will join us again as our scholar in residence.

Please review the attached program and make sure to attend.

This Tuesday evening at 7:30 P.M., Rabbi Sender Shizgal will begin a weekly Talmud Shiur in the Shulamit Beth Midrash. The class will study the third chapter of tractate Moed Kattan.

On the eve of Yom Haatzmaut we were treated to a lecture by Mordechai Algrabli followed by a spiritual and festive maariv led by Eli Sales.

Later, everyone enjoyed the typical Israel falafel and salad supper prepared by Ariel Altura and family. Special thanks to Julian Chazan who provided the lighting.

The weather held out for a comfortable Yom Haatzmaut morning breakfast for the young families of Ramot.

Thanks go to the Bier, Katzin and Reinitz families for their financial support and to Batsheva Reinitz who helped organize the event.

Mark your calendars for a Bet Knesset Mitzpe Ramot tiyul in honor of Yom Yerushalayim. The tour is free and nearby. Your participation is appreciated. Please refer to the attached flyer for details and registration.

Looking for Torah readers!  Starting in a few weeks, there are gaps in the rotation of readers, especially in the 2nd minyan on Shabbat.  Please volunteer by signing up on the form in the shul.

מזל טוב לאהרן וחוה קסל לרגל הולדת הנכד, בן לדליה ונחום אגרסט מאדרת.

מזל טוב לג’יי ובתיה לוינסון לרגל בר המצוה של נכדם, יוסף חיים, בנם של אפרים ושושונה דוד מבני ברק.