• Chanan and Rutie Polisar, son and daughter-in-law of Daniel and Jocelyn, are the proud parents of a new baby girl. Mazal Tov to all.
• Mazal Tov to Nancy and Steven Harvey upon the birth of their grandson Asif, son of Eliana and Daniel Yehezkael, and brother of Kedem.

Change in Shabbat Schedule
We call your attention that, in order to ensure the timely reading of Kriat Shema, the time of the ‘8:20 Shabbat morning minyan’ has been moved up to 8:15, this Shabbat.

Community Kiddush.
Following the second minyan this Shabbat morning, there will be a Kiddusha Raba, sponsored by
• Mickey and Dalia Hubner, to mark the yahrtzeits of Mickey’s parents Ettel bat Meir z”l and Shlomo ben Aryeh z”l Hubner.
• Nancy and Steven Harvey in honor of the birth of their grandson, Asif, son of Eliana and Daniel Yehezkael, and brother of Kedem
• Bella Harpaz in memory of her husband Yossef Harpaz z”l, whose 13th yahrtzeit took place on the 19th of Marcheshvan.
• In honor of Sender Shizgal, Sam Markowitz and Yissachar Fried. The incoming vaad members, as well as the entire community, would like to thank the outgoing vaad members for all their efforts.

Rav Kannai and family will be away this Shabbat. The Friday evening Dvar Torah will be given by Shlomo Simkin while the Dvar Torah at Mussaf will be delivered by Ted Miller. They both have our thanks. The Shabbat afternoon shiur will not take place.

Blood Drive in Ramatayim-Tzofim.
Wednesday, November 25th, at 6:00 PM. Details are in the attached file.

Following the decision of last week’s general meeting, a Shabbat morning minyan committee is beginning to work. The committee is composed of members from across the community. It includes Chava Cassel, Hadassa Pardes, Jocelyn Polisar, Ze’ev Reinitz, Shlomo Simkin, Arik Vinkler and Yaakov Zeisel. Please wish them success in this important task on behalf of our community.

New Vaad and Vaadat Bikoret.
The AGM elected the following members to serve on the Vaad Beit Haknesset for the coming year:
Tova Osofsky
Daniel Gordon
Menachem Handelsman
Moshe Peretz
Batsheva Reinitz

The newly-elected Vaadat Bikoret consists of
Mickey Hubner and
Avi Lavon

We extend to them best wishes of Hatzlacha Rabba, for in their success is our success as well.

Welcome Chayalim Bodedim (Lone soldiers)

The 8:50 minyan this Shabbat will be graced with the presence of two newly inducted ‘lone Soldiers’. Aaron Katzin from New York (brother of our member Avraham Katzin) and Sammy Kaye, from San Jose, California. Both are currently students at Yeshivat Hesder Shalavim. They have recently been mitchayel (went through the initial induction stage and are officially soldiers, although they do not start basic training and continue to study in the Yeshiva). They will soon be mitgayes (leave the Yeshiva and start basic training).
We extend to them our blessings that they serve with distinction and complete their military service unscathed and in good health.

Aaron and Sammy hope to live in our community during their army service.