Vayeitzei ויצא

מזל טוב ל-

לג’ודי ומייק שנק, המחתנים השבוע את בנם יהושע לשירה דיקלר, בתם של מינדי ומרק דיקלר, מבלטימור


דבי ומנחם שרטר בהולדת נכדים תאומים, בן ובת, לבתם בתשבע ובעלה איאן לוי מקטמונים

Mazel tov to:

Robert and Debbie Sreter upon the birth of twins, a boy and a girl born to their daughter Batsheva and Iain Levy of Katamonim.

Judy and Mike Schneck on the forthcoming marriage of their son, Joshua, to Shira Dickler, daughter of Marc and Mindy Dickler of Baltimore, Md.


לבֵּנו עם יעקב דיאמנט במות עליו אמו גולדה ע”ה. סיום השבעה ביום ראשון מיד לאחר תפילת שחרית אשר תתחיל בע”ה בשעה 7:50. יהי רצון שהמשפחה תזכה לנחמה משמים.

Condolences to:

Jack Diament and family upon the death of his mother Goldie Diament z”l. Jack will complete sitting Shiva on Sunday morning following Shacharit at 7:50 A.M. May Hashem send of his Divine comfort to the bereaved family.


מבצע התרמת דם ברמתיים-צופים.

ביום רביעי הקרוב, 25 בנובמבר, בשעה 18:00. פרטים בקובץ המצורף.


Rav Kannai will give his Shabbat afternoon shiur immediately following mincha ketana, and will be addressing the topic of ‘Tefillat HaDerech’.

Next Shabbat we expect to return to the normal routine. However, we wish to call to your attention that the times of all Shabbat morning minyanim have been moved up by a few minutes, this Shabbat.

Goings on:

Blood Drive in Ramatayim-Tzofim.
This coming Wednesday, November 25th, at 6:00 PM. Details are in the attached file.

Azkara for Moishe Solow.
On the first anniversary of the passing of Moishe Solow, an Azkara will take place on Motzaei Shabbat Nov. 28th at Kehillat Shaarei Yonah Menachem, Rechov Efraim 13, Modi’in at 8:30PM

Chanukah gifts galore.
Looking for unique Chanukah gifts? There is a good chance you will find them at our Shul’s Boutique Sale. Twenty vendors will be offering their wares, which you are unlikely to find in regular stores. This coming Thursday! See the attached flier for time and place.

Request from the Gabbaim .
Are you celebrating a Simcha at a Shabbat minyan in the near future? Will you be hosting a special guest for Shabbat? Please notify Menachem Handelsman or Jerry Barach as soon as you know the date. That way, proper Aliyot can be reserved for the occasion.

Meals Committee
The young mother has just returned home from the hospital with her new infant. She has no close relatives living nearby. How grateful she is that her Shul’s meals committee has organized the provision of meals by members of the Congregation for her and her family for those first few challenging days.
A grieving family just returning from the cemetery finds a professionally prepared Seudat Havra’ah waiting for them. Again it is through the efforts of the meals committee that it is provided.
Should you wish to participate in this Mitzvah of providing the Seudat Havra’ah, you can make a contribution to the Shul and denote it is for Seudat Aveilim.