Almost 50 people attended a fascinating talk by Prof Adam Ferziger last motzaei shabbat, which was followed by lively discussion. Thanks to Tova Osofsky & Aron Buchman, Sara & Daniel Gordon, and Cheryl & Norman Meskin for their sponsorship. Stay tuned for information on the next lecture in the series, and please contact Tova or Daniel to offer to sponsor.

For those who missed it, you can listen to Dr. Ferziger’s lecture and the follow-up discussion here. A few bookmarks of interest are listed below.

8:00 Definitions of ‘sect’ and ‘church’ according to Weber
17:00 Jewish immigrants to the US: Synthesis vs separation (Dr. Charles Liebman)
29:15 Modern changes: elitist standards of observance, engagement with non-Orthodox, college, commitment to the synthetic ideal (Dr. Adam Ferziger)
41:00 Veteran olim vs recent olim: The Great Zionist Experiment vs the post-ideological age
48:30 Discussion