Series on Chinuch by Rav Avi & Mrs. Daphna Kannai

Issues in Chinuch
סוגיות בחינוך ילדים וצעירים
Next lecture on February 22nd at 20:15

Opens a series of shiurim on Chinuch, given by Rabbi and Mrs. Kannai, at the home of the Price family, Mishol Moran 9. The series will be in English, and is appropriate for parents of small children and teenagers, as well as grandparents.
The series will deal with educational issues and challenges we have with our children at various ages, from a Torah perspective, utilizing Mrs. Kannai’s years of experience as an educator and Rav Kannai’s experience as a clinical psychologist.
The length of the series, as well as its regularity and venue are still to be decided, and will reflect the feedback of the participants.